200 hour Teacher Training FAQs


(*Note: examinations must be successfully completed to graduate from TGY Training.)


At Orientation you will be assigned a TGY staff mentor and a teacher training yoga buddy. You will meet with each of them regularly to check-in, practice teach and go over assignments.


Training modules are taught at both our TGY locations. we can assist with carpool when necessary.


In addition to training, you are expected to attend a minimum of two classes a week. Classes can be taken at any TGY location.


There will be weekly asana and essay assignments and readings from your handouts and textbooks. These will be handed in to your mentor for grading. You will also be journaling and sending weekly summaries of your experience to TGY Senior Training Staff. Expect to spend 2-3 hours on OMwork weekly.


You will have a midterm and a final exam. Additionally, you will have one oral presentation (assigned during training) and one teaching practicum.

Are my classes at TGY included in the tuition?

All of your classes are included in your tuition. You will get your Training All-Access Pass for the duration of the training (value: $625).

Do I have to pay all at once?

Do you offer payment plans? A $500 deposit is expected upon acceptance to TGY Training. We also offer an early-bird discount if you apply early. Payment plans are available: you can make 4 payments of $750 with your final payment due before program ends. Scholarship opportunities are available based on need.

What if I need to miss a session?

Attendance at each and every session is mandatory. We are able to schedule make-up sessions for missed materials at the additional fee of $75 / hour. In the event of an emergency, you will still be responsible for all the coursework presented. Scheduled absences MUST be pre-approved by TGY Training staff prior to the first session of training.

Do you offer scholarships / financial aid?

Yes! We offer partial scholarships and work-trade grants. To learn more- please submit your application or email Jamie at: jamie@thegrinningyogi.com.