Our outstanding teachers are the heart of our community. The Grinning Yogi teachers are some of the most qualified and highly trained teachers in all of Seattle. We are committed to the practice and lifestyle of yoga and are eager to share what we practice and embody. Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner - we've got a class that will bring a GRIN to your day!

Yoga Classes:

Groove FLOW

Your Daily Practice

Explore your POWER and ease in this athletic, creative vinyasa flow. Grinning classes are set against a backdrop of deep, soul thumping beats that help you take your practice to the next level. Enjoy flowing as each intuitive sequence builds leaving you STRONG and sooo satisfied.

Accessible to students of all levels. New students welcome!

Nirvana FLOW

Deep flow – free spirit  (level 2/3)

 Our 'come as you are' yoga attitude takes you DEEP into the asana while keeping you real. An inspirational practice that's raw and amped up- we use intensity to transition to a new level of practice. Get ready to rock out, feel fierce and then fall into ecstatic bliss! 

Recommended for students with a regular practice. 


Slow flow + deep restoration

Groove and TAKE CARE in this chilled-out flow. After a fluid, sweet yoga flow, you’ll cap off your practice with long yin yoga and restorative holds designed to deeply stretch the body and calm the mind. Expect a juicy and invigorating “mmmmm” moment during this blissful practice.

Accessible to students of all levels. New students welcome!

Flow Down

Align and Refine

Deepen your vinyasa journey with a practice that takes you through the essential components of our flow. Our skilled instructors break down vinyasa principles and primary yoga postures in a safe and accessible way. Expect hands-on assistance and nuanced instruction to help you practice safely and sweetly!

Accessible to students of all levels. New students ENCOURAGED!

MY HAPPY PLACE / Good Karma Groove


MHP is our on-going community yoga project. These all-levels flowing vinyasa classes are offered by donation only (suggested 10). All proceeds go towards our pay-it-forward program. Enjoy your flow and help us increase accessibility of yoga for our community.
Accessible to students of all levels. New students welcome!

Specialty ClasseS: 

lion flow

Invigoration + Catharsis with the volume turned up!

 NOte: This is *NOt* your average yoga class

Lion Flow™ is a music driven Vinyasa class that incorporates dance and high-intensity interval training. The music ranges from the heavy 808 bass-y trap of Future & Beyonce to Washington’s own late great Kurt Kobain , System of a Down and many other epic artists. We yell, we shake and sometimes we cry, embodying the full range of emotions through asana, sound, meditation and pranayama. This style is often imitated but never duplicated.

All levels welcome, but recommended for students with a movement practice. 

Hip Hop Groove

YOur Favorite Grinning Flow with a hip hop beat

Find strength, fluidity and confidence in this faster paced, all levels creative vinyasa flow. Expect to drop deeply into your body through a motivating and grounding hip hop soundtrack, with beats ranging from current to old school. Be ready to sweat and release the residue of your day, as you're guided to allow the movement and music to inspire connection that will keep you in the here and now!

Please note: This class fills up; All levels welcome!

R&B Chill

Slow Flow with an r&B beat

Take your time in this chilled-out flow, set to a backdrop of all your favorite R&B slow jams. Cleanse the need for speed out of your body and revel in the sweet luxury of moving steadily and mindfully, with an opportunity to find deeper holds and luxurious pauses within the flow. Leave feeling oh so yummy!

All levels welcome; new students encouraged!

Space and strength

Balance from the inside out

Deepen your investment in your wellness through opening and balancing yin and yang -- your strong and settled energies within.  In Space + Strength, we harness core and yin practices to holistically align the body. Core and strength based holds help create warmth and energy in the body.  These practices are paired with healing yin poses that unlock and unwind connective tissue and energetic imbalance. This potent pairing offers optimal stimulation, balance and utilization of energies in your body. You'll leave feeling settled and strong!

All levels welcome!

FlY Flow

TGY's Asana Playshop! (level 2/3)

Explore your strength and find levity with our spicy fly flow. Our expert teachers will take you on a journey of carefully choreographed asana work designed to build the awareness to help you SOAR. Each class builds towards a peak shape with plenty of inversions and arm-balance play along the way!

All levels welcome, but recommended for students with a regular practice. 

Chill and Release

Let your body say: Ahhh

Let your body say 'ahhh' with this sweet flow and release. Class starts with a slow flow to warm the body and culminates in myofascial release work designed to heal and restore the body.  This class is the *perfect* compliment to your rigorous practice and a favorite way to take care! 

All levels welcome

Tune UP: Myo Release

Release and Heal

Add some 'ahhh' to your flows with this therapeutic release technique designed to release immobility and pain by improving circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system. Tap in and dive deep for an hour of myofascial release. Working to directly eliminate tension built and residing in our interconnective tissue and muscles with the help of yoga tune up® therapy balls, we will use hands-on techniques to eliminate pain and restore balance to the body in this self-care practice. Come in, tune up and treat your body right!

All levels welcome, but recommended for students with a regular practice. 


TGY’s nightcap! Slow flow and restoration

Lull yourself into SERENITY with our guided deep, restorative yoga flow and meditation practices. Simple breathing techniques, grounding gentle asana designed to lull you into relaxation, and readings are offered. This class includes long holds and yin practice. The only requirements are a desire to reconnect, restore, and a willingness to offer time to yourself.

Accessible to students of all levels. New students welcome!

free yoga

*Yes - It's Free*

Support our recent yoga school grads and community teachers by attending their freshly minted classes at Grinning! These classes are always offered free of charge to the open-hearted.
Accessible to students of all levels; offered seasonally.


Take a Seat

Meditation at TGY is lead by our amazing staff. Join us for 30 minutes of a seated, guided meditation practice guaranteed to settle your mind back into your heart.

Accessible to students of all levels; offered seasonally.



Privates are available upon request. Please email hello@thegrinningyogi.com for more info.