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The Grinning Yogi is proud to open our doors (and teachers!) up for YOU. Create some magic with us by hosting your company for a yoga class. Get Grinning before your big day. Have a yoga P - A - R - T- Y. 

Whatever your dream is - we are here to help you make some special memories. 

Remedy Room

Capitol Hill: Remedy Room

This spacious yoga studio is in the heart of Seattle's urban center, Capitol Hill. And yes, it's every bit as cool as the neighborhood. This tea shop turned yoga studio has endless potential for any event. Fitness classes (of course), circle and group activities, or even public speaking events will all work in this unique space!



This spacious yoga studio is in the heart of Seattle's trendy Greenwood community. Besides the great location, decor (these murals and local artwork!!!), props, restrooms, water cooler, divided spaces, loft, and a warm and inviting environment will make this the perfect location for your needs!

Grinning Crew

Make Your day

Whatever your dream is - day retreat, corporate bonding, bachelorette yoga - we are here to make it happen. Contact us and let's get this party started!