What’s your superpower? / What do you want it to be?

My superpower in regards to teaching yoga is the ability to ever so sweetly guide you through a very challenging asana sequence… my superpower off the mat is my ability to tell time when I haven't seen a clock for a long while. Maybe they're related somehow.

How do you express gratitude?

My expression of gratitude is my life. When face to face with the challenges that arise from simply being human, calling upon the things in my life that I appreciate is a good way to put things in perspective. Gratitude for this life can be expressed in every breath.

Why do you share yoga?

I share yoga because it has been my lifeboat across many stormy seas. It has been there, like a dedicated friend, through the landscape of my life. The practice has taught me how to find steady ground regardless of circumstances, and it's just too good of a thing to keep all to myself.

What’s your favorite pose?  Why?

My favorite pose is any posture where I'm fully present with the body, the breath, the mind and the heart. I mean that, I'm not just being cheeky here.

When was the last time you laughed out loud?

I know for a fact that I laughed out lout when I watched my puppy play with a cricket for the first time… I know this because I was recording it and wow, what a laugh it was.

What always makes you smile?

My dog Lita, of course… an embrace with an old friend, that place where the forest and the ocean meet - these things make me smile.

What does flow mean to you?

In my teaching practice, flow means to be in relationship with each moment as it passes through you, to be with the breath in real time, to drop the past and future and get down with the now.

What can our TGY friends expect from your class?

In my classes you will experience a blend of both traditional and creative sequencing, with a touch of yoga philosophy, mystical poetry, mantras and of course, silence… that great teacher.