Nancy Hwang

What’s your superpower? / What do you want it to be?

My super hero power is multi-tasking, I literally can not stop myself from trying to handle a thousand things at once.  Which is what brings me back to Yoga time and time again, to stop take a breath and remember I DON'T have to do it all.  That's not my job, just to BE....IS.

How do you express gratitude?

I know when I'm feeling really down about anything that the key ingredient that's missing is, Being Grateful.  When I can stop and remind myself what I am grateful for, the unhappiness goes away.  There is so much to be grateful for everyday.  I express my gratetude for my boyfriend when I give him my FULL attention even when he's talking about skateboarding ;), scooping my cats litter with care because I love the little guy, and just putting Love into everything I do...makes my Life easier.

Why do you share yoga?

I share Yoga because it was a blessing that was gifted to me by my Teachers.  All I can do is pass on all of the abudance it brought to my Life.  Yoga truly brings about the best in Everyone.

What’s your favorite pose?  Why?

My favorite pose is Padmasana, and it's also my least favorite.  To sit with myself is very hard, but it's also very necessary.  To truly sit with my boredom, loneliness, joy, whatever it be with Me.  Sometimes to sit in stillness is my way of remembering what I oftentimes forget...that everything I need is inside me already.

When was the last time you laughed out loud?

Well I love the Office and every time I watch Michael Scott put his foot in his's a LOL moment....something about him is so innocent like a child.  Love that show.

What always makes you smile

Kindness makes me smile, being able to see random acts of kindness.  And I see it all the time.  People giving away food to the homeless, or someone opening a door for someone else.  Kindness is truly a super hero power on it's own.  It changes the world one smile at a time.

What does flow mean to you? means to go with.. and this is something I'm so not good at.  I'ts like there are two banks along side of a river.  One bank is Happiness and the other is sorrow and the flow of the river just doesn't stop, it's just between the two, continuous.  And I forget that a Lot.

What can our TGY friends expect from your class?

A teacher I really admire told me once, my one "job" as a Yoga teacher is to care.  To really care about my students and what I'm doing.  So I honor that motto in my class.  I care about each and every single being who is in that room with me.