Hilary Paris

What's your superpower? What do you want it to be? 

Human connection and relatability. I always find a way to relate to the person I'm interacting with. Being human is the coolest similarity we all have. In this somewhat polarized world, sometimes we have to be reminded of that. 

How do you express gratitude? 

Verbal affirmation/acknowledgement is my love language, but depending on the person and their language of love, I might hug, kiss, or write them a nice old fashion letter. But the best expression of gratitude in my book is a personalized fist bump. My favorite is the Jellyfish. Next time I see you, as me about this and I will show you how to do it. 

Why do you share yoga? 

It would be a disservice to my community NOT to share yoga. Yoga brought me from a dark place to sweetness many years ago. Even if it just touches ONE of the thousands of peeps I teach over my lifetime, that would be enough. I share yoga to get people out of their head and into their spirit, to get connected to their bodies in a radically unapologetic way.

What's your favorite pose? Why? 

Revolved Half Moon B. Because I feel so incredibly awkward in it. I like things that make me uncomfortable because it tells me that I'm growing. 

When was the last time you laughed out loud? 

With my five month old happy baby, Oliver Maxwell Moorman (OMM. Totally unplanned!). He pooped and made a funny face. I laughed. He laughed. I laughed again. He laughed, and well it just kept going until I pooped my pants. I'm kidding. 

What always makes you smile? 

My little OM's smile. His heart beating against mine. Watching him splash daddy in the bath tub. Un baby related: watching others help each other, when the light bulb goes on in someone's head or body... witnessing people unlock their human potential. 

What does flow mean to you? 

Flow means letting go. Getting out of your head and riding the wave. Surrendering to what is. Breathing fully and moving without hesitation. Checking yo' EGO at the do.'

What can our TGY friends expect from your class? 

Lots of deep belly laughs, a couple toots and a whole lotta love. I've often been told that my voice is so sweet and tender that it makes you forget you're doing something really hard. Eff yeah! 

About Hillary

I have over a thousand hours of trainings ranging from Yoga to MovNat to Pole Dancing (yup). I have been teaching people how to fall in love with their bodies for over eight years. I also help people get stronger and move outside of the box. check out my interweb site: www.hilaryparis.com