What's your superpower? 

My superpower is instantaneous forgiveness of myself and others; always choosing love, despite the difficulty...

How do you express gratitude?

I express gratitude each morning and evening with a short mantra/mediation practice that illuminates my intentions and purpose for the day ahead while grounding down any doubts or insecurities at the finish. 

Why do you share yoga?

I share yoga because yoga emblazoned my life with Sadhana- embracing life as a spiritual journey. I find Yoga is the life saving, soul shaking, heart bursting experience that orients your limitless spiritual self into this dynamic human body connecting you to your own Sadhana- I desire to share this with you.

What's your favorite pose? Why?

My favorite asana is Balasana (child's pose) because the natural introversion of this shape continues to teach me the most about the cultivation of courage and the power of gravity. 

When was the last time you laughed out loud?

I laugh often so the last time I laughed out loud was actually 5 minutes ago after I witnessed my sleepy self try to leave the house without shoes on....

What always makes you smile?

My little sister has an uncanny ability to spark a smile out of me, despite any circumstance or condition my heart may be in.

What does flow mean to you?

Flow is divine conversation. It is a method to experience, viscerally, the joyous chaos in fully living these days and nights. Flow gives you actions when you don't have the words to express how fully you may be feeling a particular sensation. 

What can our TGY friends expect from your class?

The yogis that flow with Freed Om can expect to travel into themselves, experimenting with the volume of internal echos of inner teacher and intention. They will interact with the soul fire and always have the opportunity to be curious about themselves. 

Freedom curates an experience called The Gratitude Project, an eating disorder and Body Image recovery method available to those souls looking to embrace their truest, most limitless self.