Grinning Minis at TGY Greenwood!

Grinning Minis is our sweet and wonderful childcare option for the growing family. On Monday, Wednesday and Fridays we offer childcare during our 930am classes. The childcare room opens at 9:15am and parent or caregiver, is on the mat from 930-1045am.  While you get in a full yoga practice, your little one gets to play with our amazing Grinning Minis caregivers and other kiddos! 

More Details: 

Our childcare room is equipped with kid friendly furniture and games and toys to keep your little one busy. All toys are infant friendly. We *do* recommend packing a favorite toy or two for you kiddo though. Since we are not a daycare, your kiddos are watched on-site. Expect to hear a few giggles or squeals during class but don't worry your angels are in good hands!

Our caregivers are a mix of mamas, nannies, and baby-loving responsible folks. 

You might be asking, "What If? ..."  Here are a few FAQs to ease your mind:

What If...

my baby is gets hungry? Or has a diaper blow out?

If either of these happen, we will come and quietly get you from class.  We are happy to help in anyway but will not feed or change your baby without supervision. 

my baby get really upset?

We have a 1 adult to 3 baby max. This allows for caregivers to have plenty of space to focus on little ones who may be sad. We will do our best to make them happy again. However, if crying lasts over 15 minutes we will come and quietly get you from class. 

we are running late?

You are welcome to join class up to 10 minutes after it starts. We are moms and we get it ... on time isn't always that easy. The teachers who lead morning classes understand if you need to come in late. Please just be sure to pre-register so we know you are coming!

I can't find parking?

That time of the morning is actually easier than most. Try one block away toward 87th, or pay a small fee in the lot behind the studio on Phinney (between 85th and 87th) - the $3 might be worth the time looking for a spot. 

I sign up and can't make it?

If you can, please email Sara as soon as you know you aren't coming and also cancel online. We will return the class to your account the first three times, after three cancels you will be charged for additional late cancels. 

I didn't sign up, but want to drop in?

We prefer for you to pre-register. However, you are welcome to try for a drop- in and see if there is space for your mini. If we have space we'd love for you to practice and for your mini to play.

Please Note: Minis are welcome after 6 month old, unless you've spoken with Sara or Tara. Grinning Minis maxes out at 6 minis, so please register online if you know you are coming.