Betsy Robblee

What is your superpower?  What do you want it to be?  

Sleeping - I am a champion sleeper and it is one of my most favorite things ever.  I think I'd want my superpower to be the ability to apparate (remember Harry Potter?) - instantly teleport myself from one location to another.  That way I could travel to the mountains, my favorite village in France, and Southeast Asian markets in the blink of an eye, without regard to time or money!  

How do you express gratitude? 

As a lifelong amateur and now professional cook, I express gratitude through food.  I love nothing more than cooking a meal for friends and family, baking cookies for favors done, and making pie to celebrate holidays.  Food has the unique ability to nourish, connect, inspire, and embody love.  I also enjoy writing my gratitude in the form of birthday or holiday cards - I make my mom cry every time!  

Why do you share yoga?

For me, yoga serves as an anchor to the present moment.  Yoga forces me to be present in a world that either drags us into the past or dangles the future in front of us like a shiny object.  I share yoga to help others inhabit their body and clear their mind in order to experience a fully present moment.  I also share yoga because of the way it makes me feel - loosey-goosy, blissed out, cleared out, lighter.  It makes my day when I can help others feel this way too.  

What's your favorite pose?  Why?

That's easy - child's pose.  I love the feeling of surrender and release this pose provides.  Whenever I want to calm my 'monkey mind', drop in, or transition, child's pose is there for me.  Expect this pose in almost every one of my classes!  

When was the last time you laughed out loud?

Right now when Doses and Mimosas came on my Spotify shuffle!  

What always makes you smile?

Singing along to cheesy songs (Islands in the Stream anyone?), alpine lakes, sunshine, sunsets, farmer's markets, my Juicebox coworkers, other people's dogs (don't have my own yet, sniff), my awesome 93 year old grandmother, chocolate chip cookies, Love Actually and any romantic comedy, riding my bike, my morning coffee. 

What does flow mean to you?

Losing yourself in your body and breath so that everything you've been holding onto dissolves and releases.  Knowing that as the sequence changes and the poses change you can stay with it and adapt - just like in life on your mat there is always another opportunity to start anew.  Change is our only constant - can we stay connected to our truth even when it's challenging?  That's the practice!  

What can our TGY friends expect from your class?

A fun, fierce flow.  A playlist with everything from Major Lazer to Fleetwood Mac.  Smiles.  Breath.  Sequences that seek to open, challenge, release, and inspire.  A yummy savasana.  

A recovering politician, classically trained chef, and an adventure seeker, Betsy completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at The Grinning Yogi in 2014 and has been teaching in Seattle ever since.