The Grinning Yogi Advanced Yoga School

The Grinning Yogi 300 Hour Yoga School engages you with 4 Core Modules providing deep understanding of the method and body positive approach towards Vinyasa FLOW. Elective modules allow you to hand pick continuing education courses creating yourself a program that is as unique as YOU! Each applicant has 3 years to complete 270 contact hours to graduate through our program. We offer hundreds of hours of specialty courses through our awe*mazing in house staff AND master guest teachers from San Fransisco and New York City!



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The Art of Assisting // Yoga Philosophy + The Art of Devotion // Ayurveda + Healing // Yin Yoga + Restorative Arts // The Sacred Body // Guest Master Teacher Workshops from Laughing Lotus studios in San Fransisco & New York City

To enroll for any upcoming courses please email us HERE.



Dana Flynn.jpg

The Teacher's Toolbox with Dana Flynn

June: 22-23th  (5 hours)

Details: 2 workshops and discussion with Laughing Lotus founder Dana Flynn.

Course Includes: Details coming soon!



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the sacred body with sheri celentano 

April: 27-29 (25 hours)

Details: 3 Workshops with Laughing Lotus Master Teacher Sheri Celentano

Course Includes: 10+ hours Module Instruction Focused on Elements of the Subtle + Sacred Self + Required Readings. OMwork prompts: Sequencing for the Subtle Body // Svadhyaya + Essay Reflections


Tara Dyberg.jpg

Sequencing 201 WITH TARA DYBERG

July: 13-15th  (20 Hours)

Details: Full Weekend with Grinning Teacher Director Tara Dyberg Exploring Effective + Creative Sequencing.

Course Includes: 2 Workshops w Training Group // Break Downs of Class Experience // Exploration of Asanas + Transitions // Om Work Prompt for Sequence + Feedback Offered


Claire Stetina

Functional Anatomy with CLAIRE STETINA

August: 3-5 + 10-12 + 24 (50 Hours)

Details: 2 Full Weekends with Claire Stetina + a Bonus Evening of Presentation 10+ hours of Module Instruction for Movement Based Anatomy w Study for Proper Muscle Engagement & Release

Course Includes: 4 Practicum Asana Clinics w Break Down Instruction For Proper Teaching + Execution of Asanas Hand-Out Study Materials w Required Readings OMwork prompts + a BONUS SESSION


Grinning Crew

Teaching Methodology // Grinning Mentor Practicum

On-going; 8 Week Program

**Completion of Sequencing 201 REQUIRED

Details: One-on-One Mentorship w Grinning Senior Staff // Guidance for Taking the Seat of the Teacher //Deep Dive to Practice Teaching w Feedback Offered // Assistance Opportunity with Mentor During Public Classes // Class Reflection + Professional Advice During Mentor Meetings


Ali Cramer.jpg

Ayurveda + Healing with Ali Cramer

October: 12-14 (25 hours)

Details T.B.D