The Grinning Yogi Advanced Yoga School

The Grinning Yogi 300 Hour Yoga School engages you with 5 Core Modules providing deep understanding of the method and body positive approach towards Vinyasa FLOW. Elective modules allow you to hand pick continuing education courses creating yourself a program that is as unique as YOU! Each applicant has 3 years to complete 270 contact hours to graduate through our program. We offer hundreds of hours of specialty courses through our awe*mazing in house staff AND master guest teachers from San Fransisco and New York City!



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The Art of Assisting // Yoga Philosophy + The Art of Devotion // Ayurveda + Healing // Yin Yoga + Restorative Arts // The Sacred Body // Guest Master Teacher Workshops from Laughing Lotus studios in San Fransisco & New York City

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Ayurveda + Healing with Ali Cramer


September: 28-30 (15 hours)

Join Ali Cramer, director of the Ayurveda Program at Laughing Lotus NY, for a weekend full of Ayurvedic theory and application. Empower yourself to take charge of your health with ancient wisdom applied in an accessible way to a contemporary lifestyle. Each season will be addressed with recommendations for lifestyle shifts including diet, herbs, essential oils, and complimentary practices. All levels welcome, please bring a journal and pen if you wish to take notes.

Ayurveda Training includes:

Vata Soothing: Theory And Practice
Feeling ungrounded, spacey or exhausted and depleted? Friday night we will dive into balancing Vata, which is generally associated with Fall and Early Winter, but can be a struggle for some throughout the year. There will be a short lecture and then a Soothing Lotus Flow Practice that will leave you feeling warmer, grounded, nurtured and replenished.

Pitta Pacifying: Theory And Practice
Feeling overheated, irritable, or frustrated and stressed? Saturday we learn to pacify Pitta, which is generally associated with Summer, but can be used by some throughout the year. There will be a short lecture and then a Pacifying Lotus Flow Practice focusing on cooling and calming that heat, while still challenging the body and mind with some more advanced poses.

Kapha Busting: Theory And Practice
Feeling stuck, sluggish, or heavy and slow? Sunday we learn to bust through Kapha, which is generally associated with late winter and Spring, but can be used by some throughout the year. There will be a short lecture and then a Busting Lotus Flow Practice focusing on energizing, invigorating, cleansing and utilizing your strength!

Intro to Ayurveda Part 1 And 2
In these Workshops, we will dive into Ayurvedic theory, covering the basic principals of Ayurveda-the Sister Science to Yoga. Ayurveda is a complete Holistic System designed to bring us into harmony with the world around us. Through greater understanding, we are able to take charge of our health and well being and make the lifestyle changes that reduce dis-ease in our lives! Lecture only, open to all levels, please bring a pen and journal if you wish to take notes.

Exclusive for Trainees: Living and Teaching with Ayurveda

Spend a *bonus* afternoon with Ali discussing how these concepts show up in a well-lived life (and the roadblocks around them!) and how to incorporate them into your teaching and daily practices.

**Once enrolled- you will receive the full schedule and reading materials**

Claire Stetina

Functional Anatomy with CLAIRE STETINA

December: 7-9 (20 Hours)

Details: Join us for a full Weekend with Master Instructor Claire Stetina where you will learn: the study of Arthrokinematics, action based cueing and effective assisting yoga asana, how demystify common alignment cues, an introduction to yoga therapeutics. Also included are practicum Asana Clinics (alignment labs) with breakdown instruction for proper cuing + execution of asanas.

Grinning Crew

Teaching Methodology // Grinning Mentor Practicum

On-going; 8 Week Program

**Completion of Sequencing 201 REQUIRED

Details: One-on-One Mentorship w Grinning Senior Staff // Guidance for Taking the Seat of the Teacher //Deep Dive to Practice Teaching w Feedback Offered // Assistance Opportunity with Mentor During Public Classes // Class Reflection + Professional Advice During Mentor Meetings