Frequently Asked Questions

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Do modules have to be taken consecutively?

No, modules do not have to be taken consecutively. You just must complete 300 hours within 3 years to be eligible for certification.

How does the Modules model work exactly?

We have carefully curated our 300 hour curriculum so that you can receive all of the enrichment of a 300-hour program in smaller, more manageable chunks of time. Each module is designed to stand alone, allowing you to immerse yourself in an area of study that is close to your heart. After completing 300 hours, you will be certified at the 300 hour level. 

This format allows you to deepen your practice, re-charge your teaching and study with some of the most seasoned and passionate experts out there. It also enables you to incorporate what you learn into your teaching between Intensives.

Can I take a module if I don't want do the whole training?

Yes! That's one of our favorite things about our program. You can take any of the modules and receive CE (continuing education) hours. Pop in for a weekend and re-charge your teaching!

What if I have to miss a day?

You will not be eligible for certification if you miss any of our time together. Attendance is mandatory for every session if you are taking the module for advanced certification.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we have early-bird discounts available for those who enroll before the early-bird deadline.

Are you a Yoga Alliance Registered School at the 500 Hour Level?

Yes, we are registered at both the 200 and 300 hour level.

What are the PRErequisites for training?

All applicants must have a Yoga Alliance-approved 200-hour certification or equivalent training. Participants are encouraged to have a minimum of 1 year teaching yoga. We also *highly* suggest that you practice at one of our studios before applying. 

What is the schedule?

Since we have rolling admission, the schedule is what you make it! Email Jamie for current module offerings and to learn more!