What's your superpower? / What do you want it to be?
To breathe underwater! I would like nothing more than to swim and sing with whales.

How do you express gratitude?
I express gratitude mainly through my personal practice. During yoga and meditation is when everything seems to come into focus. I also say "thank you!" to everyone in my life as often as possible. Lately my mantra has been: The more I can find to be grateful for, the more I attract things to be grateful for. 

Why do you share yoga?
Yoga is our birthright! Developing the ability to find a refuge within ourselves should be available to every single person. I also revel in the community that comes together around yoga spaces and want to be part of creating the home I feel, for others.

What's your favorite pose?  Why?
Headstand! It was the first inversion I ever learned while playing in my backyard as a kid. I love any pose that forces me to change my perspective. Also prasarita, or a wide-legged forward fold. I feel like a waterfall.

When was the last time you laughed out loud?  
Today dancing in the supermarket while listening to the Spice Girls! 

What always makes you smile?
Al Green:) Otis Redding:) Luther Vandross:) And mango bubble tea. 

What does flow mean to you?
In my life, flow means constantly taking inventory, not letting any part of my soul become stale, and moving with the current, not against it.

What can our TGY friends expect from your class?
The intention of my classes is to provide a space to reconnect with ourselves as well as to play, dance, and feel free!