The people behind the grin

Hi! We can't wait to meet you...

We are vulnerable, honest, growth seeking, life-challenging, mess-making, grin creating, HUMANS. We started The Grinning Yogi because we were sick of being told we were not -thin, rich, trendy, together, instagram-able .... - enough and we had a feeling we were not the only ones! So, we did something radical: We create a community rooted in celebration and acceptance.

You'll never hear body-shaming or 'not-enough' rhetoric in our classes. Period.  Instead, we seek to create a space that celebrates the moments that made each of us. We don't always get things perfect but we promise to keep it real.

Real Good People. Real Good Yoga.

At Grinning, we know that showing up is important. We know there are many days where the victory is stepping into the studio. (We've been there too!) Together, we seek to share real experience. Using the asana practice as a way in, we break down our barriers of disconnection and share our how the practice makes our lives brighter. We never claim to have it all together, but we do have a lot of heart!

We see you and are so (so!!) thrilled for you to be a part of our Grinning. 


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An over-sharer by nature, Jamie's big heart and infectious nature is quintessential Grinning. Jamie found yoga as a teenage athlete and credits the practice with holding space for her to recover from an eating disorder and, ultimately, compete for the US in the 2006 Olympic Games. 

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Director of Teachers + Trainings

Anja drops wisdom well beyond her years. A dancer by training, her athletic classes have a way of revealing a strength and truth that makes everyone shine. 

Sara + Xander


Director of Client Care + Greenwood Manager

Sara is the momma-bear of our beloved Grinning. Kind, thoughtful and connected, she's the gal we go to for -well- pretty much everything. Look to Sara to feel seen and taken care of.



Director of Social Media + Capitol Hill Manager

Helen is our favorite nerd. Clear, effective and curious - Helen has a way of making everyone feel a little more inspired and understood. Whether it's fascia or the fine art of a spreadsheet, Helen's ability to make things clear always brightens our day!